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I’ve always ridden horses and had no time for anything else and then in my 30’s someone invited me to a Hatha Yoga class. I had always been curious as to how it might enhance my horse riding but it did so much more – I was immediately hooked; it gave me such a mental work out as well as physical. Why had no one told me about this before!
So now 20 years on, its my turn to share this finding with you and also I hope you may spread the word too.
I studied a combination of creative vinyasa flow and positive psychology with Mercedes Ngoh Sieff and love to encorporate this blend to all practices.
The benefits of yoga are even more revalent in our ever increasingly fast paced life – come and enjoy some time away from it all and be at one on your mat and re-energise yourself.
My practices offer an inclusive space for all levels and I encourage everyone to find their own edge and play with that and just be thoroughly absorbed during your time on the mat.

Favourite pose – Headstand is such a physical and mental challenge and once arrived at it is almost effortless and the rewards endless


‘Yoga is the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind’ Patanjali

I have been practicing yoga for ten years, and it was truly my ultimate support system as I travelled the world as a professional singer/dancer. I finally took a leap of faith and decided to delve into teaching this beautiful practice, as a result my life has truly been transformed and I have not looked back since!
I am a registered Yoga Alliance RYS 200 teacher and I teach classes of varying styles, with my main focuses being Classical Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Nidra and Ashtanga. I studied under the most profound teachers in Rishikesh, India. I knew that If I truly wanted to learn the inner most depths of yoga, then I would travel to the birth place and learn from the masters and Gurus themselves. Needless to say that this was a life changing experience, and I feel so passionate about sharing the knowledge that I gained to help transform other peoples lives too. I truly believe in my heart that we can all lead a life of inner joy, love and abundance. yoga is the vehicle that can help you to free yourself from any form of mental or physical suffering to help you live the life that you deserve, and it is an absolute honour as a teacher to help people achieve this incredible freedom.
My classes always include a lot of mindfulness and focus on the breath throughout, as I move you through some gorgeous asanas, pranayama and sun salutation. I also bring a deep focus to correct alignment, because I know that by developing the technique we are able to grow immensely in our practice and achieve great things! Finally I always bring some gratitude and self love into my classes, because lets face it...where would we be without them!


Reflexology works on the principle that the whole body, from head to toe, is connected. This connection is represented by ten zones, which run front to back and head to toe throughout the body, and are most easily accessible via the feet. As reflexologists, we can detect imbalances in the body by working on the feet and then tackle problem areas accordingly to help correct them. It is not a cure, more a helping hand for the body's self-healing process.

The fantastic thing is that reflexology can benefit almost everyone. An increasing number of people are using this safe, natural therapy as a way of relaxing, balancing and harmonising the body and reducing stress levels. Treatment can be given to assist with a wide range of disorders, including headaches, migraines, sinus congestion, stiffness in the neck and back, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, or reflexology can be thought of simply as an hour of 'me' time in your busy day, allowing you time to switch off and enjoy the sense of relaxation and well-being.
Michelle graduated in 2008 at the Raworth International College of Natural, Nutrition and Sports Therapies. She has attended continuous training and development in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pre-conception and Maternity Reflexology. Michelle’s love and passion for complimentary therapies came about back in 2001 when she sought out alternative treatments for her youngest son suffering with allergies and repeated lung infections.
Your first appointment takes about 75 minutes and includes an initial consultation to enable me to understand any health issues and tailor the treatment to your needs. Thereafter, treatments take about an hour, including a discussion about any changes you have noticed since the last session.
The cost is £40 for the first treatment and £35 thereafter.

Appointments are available every Monday from 9am - pm or other times to be confirmed.

Please book your appointment by texting or calling Michelle on 07850 534 569


I graduated Bournemouth University in 2014 and fell in love with Yoga later the same year when I was ignited to my first Ashtanga practice by my incredible teacher Tina Brown.

At the time, the Friday night practice was perfect for what I needed after a long week working in an admin role at an Investment Bank. It challenged me both physically and mentally. The truth is, after 3 and a half years of working those long hours, I realised that banking was not for me.

"And then I realized, that to be more alive, I had to be, less afraid. And so, I did it. I lost my fear, and gained my whole life." (Cleo Wade)

I quit my job, and I jumped.

I had already gained so much from my yoga practice and I wanted to share that with other people. I also wanted to go on a learning journey to discover new things, and learn about people, life and cultures. So I set off to South and Central America on a journey of self-discovery, not really knowing what I was looking for or what I would find.

During my travels, I completed my 200 Hour YTT with School Yoga Institute in Guatemala.

The. Most. Incredible. Experience.  Of. My. Life. To. Date…

Yoga had mainly been a physical practice for me, however during my 3 weeks intensive training; my eyes were opened to the world of Yoga as a medicine, meditation, philosophy and lifestyle. I loved learning about Spirituality and the history and philosophy of Yoga, it became so much more than a physical practice, and I wish to share all of this, along with the uplifting feeling of revitalisation after class with my students. I believe that if everybody in the world practiced Yoga then the world would be a better place. I am so happy to be planting the seeds for growing this philosophy in the UK.

Tania was introduced to using and healing with herbs from early childhood. Her mother is Susan Koten founder of The Willow Herbal Centre based in Essex, and Tania has herself been treated using natural herbal remedies for as long as she can remember. It was this introduction to herbal medicine from an early age and her love of travelling that led to her visiting India and discovering Ayurveda.
Tania is a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner and is a member of the Ayurvedic Professionals Association UK. She qualified as an Ayurvedic Practitioner in 2010 with first class honours at MAYUR University of Europe based in London, and undertook her clinical practice at various clinics in India. Tania has also trained extensively under her mother and undertaken a course in integrating Ayurveda with Western Medicine with Annie McIntyre in 2012. She continues to use Ayurveda with Western herbs in her healing protocol.
Tania has also recently trained in Aroma Acupoint Therapy with Tiffany Carole, Crystal Healing Therapy with Philip Permutt and is a fully qualified Seraphim Healing Practitioner as taught by Eloise Bennett. One or more of these healing modalities can be used in conjunction with Ayurveda during your session.
Ayurveda is an ancient Indian healthcare approach using diet, medicine and lifestyle changes to correct the root cause of disease. It is therefore very effective at alleviating or eliminating a wide range of diseases. Ayurveda works by assessing the mental, emotional and physical state of a patient and then a tailor made program is recommended to suit the exact needs of the person to bring them back to harmony and balance.
Aroma Acupoint Therapy, is a gentle, completely safe and extremely effective treatment modality that utilises the energetic potential locked within pure essential oils. Treatment involves placing particular oils on specific acupoints or reflex zones on the body in order to trigger energetic changes in the individual that will bring them back to a state of balance.
Crystal healing is a holistic and natural therapy that taps into the energetic power of crystals and how they affect the body and mind. Crystals can be used on or around a client to help unblock, focus and direct energy.
Seraphim Healing is a form of Angel therapy, that works to return your body, mind and soul back to a state of complete balance, harmony and joy. This healing is particularly great to assist in transforming and transmuting all lower thoughts, feelings, emotions and energy, into pure love and light and helping you to move forward into a happier, healthier and more positive lifestyle.
Health conditions that can be worked with successfully using the above modalities include:
Arthritis and rheumatism
Asthma and lung diseases
Coughs, colds, flu and sinus conditions
Cystitis and urinary disorders
Digestive and bowel conditions
Eczema and skin disorders
Fertility concerns
Gynaecological conditions
Heart and circulatory conditions
High blood pressure
ME and chronic fatigue
Muscular /Skeletal problems
Nervous disorders
Skin conditions
Stress and emotional problems.

A one hour consultation with Tania involves a chat about your health concerns, previous medical history, and any current symptoms you are experiencing. An analysis of your diet will then be given followed by any dietary or lifestyle recommendations. This is then followed by a relaxing rebalancing of your chakras which will allow your body to immediately start the healing process. The essential oils, crystals or Seraphim healing will be given at the end of your first session if you wish this to be included in your treatment plan.
If you would like Aroma Acupoint therapy included in your session please come wearing loose fitting clothing.

Price List
1 hour Consultation - £55
1 hour Follow up consultation – £50
30 minute Seraphim Distance Healing - £30 (This can be sent to activate at a specific time - job interview, exams, driving test, giving birth etc)
Please note - Herbal Medicine, oils or supplements may be prescribed during your consultation. This will be tailor made for you at the end of your session and will be at an additional cost.

To book an appointment or for further information please contact Tania on 07588 371563 or email TaniaKoten@hotmail.com.

Three sessions are recommended initially so your progress can be monitored and any adjustments to your healing journey can be made as necessary. The sessions can be booked weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your health concern and what suits you best. Discounts are given for multi-session bookings paid for in advance.


I first went to see Tania when I was having the most awful Endometriosis symptoms, heavy periods and pain. After my initial consultation, within hours I felt better. With the clean eating advice, natural remedies and healing received from Tania, I found that my symptoms have all but disappeared and a year on, I am still pain and symptom free.
My second consultation with Tania was in March '18, for high blood pressure. I was on prescribed medication from my GP but the side effects of them made me very ill so, I refused to take any more. Tania gave me just one session of Angel healing and some natural remedy to continue to use at home.
In April '18, I went back to my GP for a Blood Pressure check and it is now back to normal. I no longer have to take the prescribed medication that the GP once told me, I'd be on for the rest of my life.
I feel like I have got my life back and I am so grateful that Tania was able to heal me.
Thank you.
S.H London

I had been trying to fall pregnant for the past 2 years with no success. After going to see Tania and her giving me advice and herbal sprays i fell pregnant 2 months later. As I had suffered previous miscarriages she gave me a ‘holding’ spray to use throughout my pregnancy. I am now 13 weeks pregnant and all thanks to her. I highly recommend seeing her if you are having any fertility issues.
Deborah Smith Surrey

My daughter had explosive nappies from birth, she was bottle fed. Her nappies were no better once she had been weaned but I was able to establish a pattern from the food she ate. She appeared to have a dairy and gluten intolerance. I went to the GP and voiced my concerns. The GP sent us to the hospital for several blood tests including one for coeliac disease. We returned to the GP to be advised that the tests had come back clear but that the GP has forgotten to order the dairy intolerance test. Not wishing to put my daughter through any more tests, I had a chat with Tania who agreed to see and assess her. My daughter was very comfortable with Tania and sat quietly and calmly while Tania worked. Tania confirmed that she had an obstruction in her digestive system which may be causing the food intolerances and made up a spray which I was to administer three times a day. I did this for about two weeks and my daughter’s nappies became normal and healthy no matter what food she ate. Tania advised that I should continue with the spray once a day once everything has settled down but if ever my daughter had a recurrence then to go back to three times a day for a couple of weeks. The spray is a miracle cure! My daughter calls it her tummy medicine and insists on having a spray every night before bed. She has been successfully potty trained without incident and is able to eat everything especially macaroni cheese! We didn’t have to change our diet to exclude dairy and we didn’t have to go to the hospital for more tests. Perfect result!

K.R Surrey

Sue has been doing yoga for 20 years and describes her own practice as being ‘focused awareness on the movement & the breath, acting together so that that body, breath & mind are in the now, embracing the everyday miracle of life’
A qualified 200 hour teacher Sue believes that teaching is an art form that grows from lots of self-study and a clear understanding of practice. When her classes come together, a group is created that everyone contributes to and its Sues role to direct this wonderful energy in a balanced and beneficial way for all.
Ananta grew up in London and left England aged 19, with the strong desire to live as a Free Being. This first expressed itself through travel and lead her to Asia in 1989 where she lived until returning to the UK in 2017.

Searching to find the Truth of herself, Her heart was was deeply called to a Master and she found her way to the Osho commune in Pune, India where she explored meditation, Tantra and Self Awareness groups for more than 10 years. As well as working with people for several years in the healing fields including various forms of bodywork, assisting others through trauma in a meditative way.

In 1994, she entered a two and half year period of silence in a Zen style retreat in Japan (otherwise known as a Japanese prison). It was during this retreat where True Freedom was realized.

In the face of extremely limiting conditions...
She realized herSelf As THAT which has Always been Free, Full and Enough unto ItSelf!

The Peace that is the ground of all experience.
The Love that does not need an experience of Love. The happiness that is our True Nature without needing an experience of happiness… revealed ItSelf to ItSelf.

Coming back into ‘the world’ in 1997, there followed a period of confusion as personality and drama began to reappear causing the search to go on...

In 2000 she then found her way to Intensive Satsang with Dolano in Pune, where the confusion was cleared and no way to turn back from the clear recognition of ‘Who Am I’.

This naturally started the unfolding of the integration process where all personality issues come home in Truth. Where bound up life energy, held by beliefs and illusions, reappear to be met in the light, where transformation happens.

This is an ongoing moment to moment process that never stops evolving and is always fresh and New.

Ananta's life and work is Now dedicated to the Awakening of Human Consciousness, and through her own Self-Realization, her main area of focus is Now facilitating, the simple direct recognition of the realization of our True Nature, through all that appears to play in all levels and back to the ordinariness of Life itself.

Since 2004, meetings and retreats are happening around the world in the form of Satsang or ‘Meetings in Truth’ a Deepening in Self Realization, where the illusion of separation is blown, and the True meeting of same Self is left as a sharing of friends.

Ananta’s way of sharing includes Direct Self Inquiry, similar to the investigation of ‘Who Am I’ passed down from Ramana Maharshi. Yet it has now taken on a definite ‘Ananta’ flavour… after many years of developing in her own unique way, she finds a most easy and simple way of bringing about the Direct Experience of our True Nature and the ever deepening embodying of this realisation so uniquely to every Being who comes to her.

Living from this point of clear seeing and deepest knowing, there is the invitation to meet all ‘unfinished business’ in Truth. This carries over into a unique expression of Divine/Humanness.

All is welcome Here.

I have been practicing yoga for more than fifteen years, absorbing it through many different teaching styles.

My classes are a welcoming space, accessible to all and my teaching is gentle and introspective with an emphasis on flowing sequences guided by the breath, mindfulness and the peaceful meditative resource of yoga nidra.

I am an ashtanga teacher registered with yoga alliance school RYS 200.I trained with CYS London and I have been really inspired by all the beautiful people that made my journey possible.
My belief is that anybody can and should practice yoga or at least try once in their life.
The benefits that you ll be able to enjoy are infinite.
It not only gives strength to your body but especially to your mind . It helps to live life in a simple way when often we get lost and find trapped in a complicated life.
In the Ashtanga Yoga method nothing is meant to be easy on your first try. This is part of the lesson of the practice. Instead of making the practice easy, the method asks you to make your mind strong. If you accept your failure and learn to love yourself anyway, you’re practicing a valuable life skill. You should feel somewhat overwhelmed in the midst of your first Ashtanga Yoga practice. It gets better after many years!

Bernard teaches Classic Sivananda yoga, which includes postures, breathwork, relaxation and meditation.

These Hatha Yoga classes are suitable for all students from total beginners to intermediate level.

Bernard has been practising yoga and meditation for over 10 years and has been a Yogaananda regular for most of that time.

He trained in Theatre Arts and dance using yoga to help keep him supple in body and mind.

Come join him on his journey into yoga.

Come and give yourself permission to relax and enjoy the soothing sounds of the shamanic healer, using breath work, sonic sounds and whispered tones, all natural sounds of the subtle energy bodies and using the divine energy of love.

As you relax deeper into the healing sounds allowing the divine essence to flow through you and create your own personal divine healing.

Where ever you are on your journey or path this wonderful healing session is a great way to connect to your inner self and being.

Sessions last for 1 hour and are £55 per session.

On promotion this month book 3 sessions and have the 4th one free saving you £55.

To book at session contact Yogananda direct on 01737 222400 or contact Darren on 07919124651 for bookings and availability


“I felt at peace and serene after” Aurelija Chessington

“Reassuring and knowledgeable on any questions that may arise” Mick

“You have a very calm, caring and effective way of explaining what the sessions can involve” Amanda

“There was a distinct feeling of being surrounded by the wind” Sandra

“I felt energy moving through me and I experienced flashes of light in my body” Pamela.

Fifteen years ago I signed up for my first ‘sweaty’ Ashtanga class in Covent Garden. Our teacher was also a talented dancer in the musical ‘Cats’ and he was a wonderful character. I found him inspiring and soon reaped the rewards of including asana practices in my life.

Nowadays, although I still enjoy Ashtanga I am inspired by Vinyasa Flow, which I am qualified to teach. I also love attending a variety of weekly asana classes, to keep my own practice fresh and exciting – whether it is a beginner, or advanced class. It never ceases to amaze me how each teacher offers their own unique teaching style!

Each class I teach uses dynamic and static postures to gently stretch and strengthen the body, and expand the mind. I encourage my students to trust in their bodies and break down more demanding asanas, using their breath as a guide. If the breath feels uncomfortable, we can pull back from a posture.

I like to create a light atmosphere in class so that all students feel welcome, whatever their experience level. Modifications are available so that everyone can explore the postures.

At the end of class we enjoy a well-deserved relaxation allowing students to soak up the benefits of their practice. Our intention is to leave our practice feeling positive about ourselves, fully restored with increased vitality and energy.

My passion for Yoga started over 25 years ago when I attended classes at the renowned Sivananda Yoga centre in London. The physical demands and spiritual calm and stillness of the practice brought balance to my busy life as a fashion buyer. Years later I discovered Vinyasa Flow Yoga, bringing together my other great loves of dance, movement and music. This is the style of Yoga that I now teach and practice. My classes are a fluid combination of rhythmic sequences, classic yoga postures and moments of stillness and reflection. 

I qualified as a homeopath at the College of Homeopathy in 1988, and, having passed all the competence procedures, became a member of the College in 1989 (M.C.H.). In the following year, I was accepted onto the Register of the Society of Homeopaths (R.S.Hom). Since then, I have built up busy practices in Reigate and Sutton in Surrey, and Lee in South-East London with a considerable amount of experience in all health concerns, and have been employed to teach abroad for Homeopathic Charities in Belgrade and Cairo. I have a Diploma in Natural Nutrition (DNN) from the College of Natural Nutrition, and a certificate in Advanced Counselling skills from New Paradigm Training. These other professional skills greatly complement my homeopathy practice. Currently, as well as practising homeopathy full-time, I teach and supervise students of the South Downs School of Homeopathy (SDSH) in Chichester."

Leanne (Girija) did her yoga teacher training in the bahamas with the sivananda organisation, gaining a 200hr classic yoga qualification.

Her classes include breath work, postures,meditation, and relaxation.

In all Leanne's classes, she offers neals yard organic essential oils to help enhance a mindfull yoga practice.

Essential oils help to calm the mind, lift the spirits and are great for enhancing focus during your practice.

Leanne uses candles in her classes to make the room feel cosy and calm in winter.

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