Spiritual Healer

Vanessa Harris

I work as a Clairvoyant Medium and Spiritual Healer to give guidance, insight and understanding to allow holistic healing to take place.

My spiritual pathway began when I was a teenager; when my natural interest in mediumship and the tarot cards, coincided with the understanding I was being given the choice to work as a channel for Spirit.

I assist individuals to understand and re-programme their behaviour patterns, release negative emotions, access and anchor positive states and the tools needed to maintain their desired goal, this allowing the promotion of personal empowerment and change.

Mobile: 07977 117 979   |   Email: info@vanessa-harris.co.uk or info@yogaananda.co.uk   |   Website: www.vanessa-harris.co.uk


If you would like guidance, understanding or to communicate with a loved one who has passed over to Spirit.

A clairvoyant reading with or without tarot cards will help to give you the insignt you are looking for.

One -to-One Readings, Telephone Readings, Tarot Parties, Public Functions

Energy Clearing

Are there times when the atmosphere within your home or workplace feels cluttered or dense; even though your environmnet is not particularly untidy? Or do you sometimes feel lethargic and sluggish or feel you are unable to think clearly, but you cannot understand why?

Hypnotherapy & NLP

Have you often said to yourself, I would like to have motivation to go to the gym, feel more confident at public-speaking conferences or would like to stop smoking but are not sure where to start?

If so, then hypnotherapy unsing neuro-linguistic programming could be for you.

Anxiety, Confidence, Fears and Phobias, Relaxation, Motivation, Smoking, Stress and Weight Management are just a few aspects of our lifestyle that we can change.

By using deep hypnotic techniques with guidance, this will allow the conscious mind to quieten and the subconscious mind to open, enabling communication to take place.


If you are feeling tired, out of sorts or are experiencing aches and pains, then take time to enjoy the balancing and healing benefits of Usai Reiki.