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"What a wonderful place to feel the authenticity of the teachers and the peace og Yoga practice and meditation. Leon, Veena and Dhanashri have created a unique holistic centre where the depth of their knowledge and dedication to their practice really shines through."
Sally Collins: student


"I'm on my way to work this morning feeling lighter and more energised than usual on a monday morning. The concert / satsang last night was beautiful. I really appreciate you all for creating and offering such a beautiful space for these wonderful events to happen in and for the time, energy and love you both put into running and developing the centre. Also for creating a space which is becoming the focal point for creating and linking up community in reigate and beyond. It feels like what is playing out in a converted office block in a quiet industrial estate in reigate has significance way beyond the smallish groups that are coming to these events at the moment (and I'm sure the numbers will grow as the word spreads)."
Chris Kent: regular student, attendee of yoga classes, founder of the Community Meditation Tuesday sessions at the Centre.


"Dhanashri is an inspirational and extremely competent teacher who creates a fabulous atmosphere in her classes. She is really warm and encouraging and has a vast depth of experience and knowledge that make visiting the yoga centre, whether it's for a yoga class, a meditation evening or a massage, a really positive and uplifting experience. I feel really lucky to have found such a gifted and generous teacher in Reigate."
Sandra Richardson: Director, Chrysalis Coaching


"Sometimes we love with nothing more than hope. Sometimes we cry with everything except tears. In the end all there is left is the true self...This is what I have learnt from Atma Kriya.

For me Atma Kriya has been a wonderful gift in the form of a key to unlock new fantastic dimensions of my own spiritual development. I have come to realise that life is just too wonderful to be just mere existence. The journey of learning Atma Kriya has been a humbling one, that has provided me with an anchorage of inner strength and self- realisation. Faithful practice guides me towards being really true to myself and not needing to look anywhere else, that is where I know I will find my answers.

I am most grateful to my teacher, Dhanashri, that with dedication and true belief in the practice inspired me with trust and reassurance to receive the blessing of practicing Atma Kriya. Full of love and virtue she always had a word of wisdom to share.
Upon reflection, I consider that my journey has just began and in any direction it may take me I feel confident that Atma Kriya will continue guiding me in the right path.
With all my love, Mariela"
Mariela - attended Atma Kriya introductory course with Dhanashri