Getting started


Never done Yoga, Tai Chi, or Pilates before?
New to Yoga?


For new yoga students, beginners programs cover the basics of Yoga practise, with a structured and measured approach, allowing you to get more supple, understand the concepts, and adjust comfortably and slowly, mentally and physically, to this new practise.


The specific content of beginners programs will depend on the teacher and their background, so try different beginners classes and chose the beginners teacher and group you prefer to work with. Do find a teacher you like, as progressing in your yoga practise is directly related to your commitment to practising - which depends on the connection you feel to your teacher!


For more explanation about the "kind" of yoga you will learn, and where it originated or what it specifically includes, please check with the individual teachers, you can also check their biographies (see Instructors/Therapist section)


Once there are sufficient interested students, we will run some Beginners programs lasting 6 or 10 weeks to start at the beginning and go through a gentle process of getting more flexible, learning the movements, understanding the philosophy behind it all, and finding your own practise. Please register your interest if you want to attend something like this, attendance on the course will allow you to earn a "Yoga Practitioners" certificate at the end.


Otherwise, please try any of our existing yoga Beginners classes - currently we have tuesday and thursday evening classes, thursday, friday and saturday mornings classes - all with different teachers


Make sure you let the teacher know any physical limitations, and they can then advise you carefully.



Did Yoga some time ago?


We have a number of students who did yoga many years ago, and are interested in doing classes, but are concerned about how much their body may have changed in the interim.


Gentle yoga classes (with Tony, Veena, or Caroline) are suitable, allowing you to slowly get back into your practise. If you have the confidence however you are welcome to join beginner or intermediate yoga classes, and take personal responsibility regarding what, and how much you attempt to do, the teachers will advise you if you let them know your concerns.

(This is always true, not just for those returning to a yoga practise!)



Beginners Tai Chi


Please join Tai Chi class Paul Brewer's basic qiqong / chikung class on Thursday morning. When there is a large enough group of students in the class who are ready to progress to learning the Tai Chi forms, Paul will start a beginners course.


Learning Tai Chi form is fairly intensive, so Paul prefers to offer drop in classes for Qiqung/Chikung and only progress to Tai Chi with a dedicated group of students.



Beginners Pilates


Eileen teaches a Pilates Beginners drop-in class, on Tuesday. See the timetable for course start dates. Otherwise, please join any of our Pilates classes, and let the teacher know you are a beginner.


If there is a requirement for a beginners course we will offer one later.