Yoga Ananda Academy of Yoga and Philosophy - Learning Flow

We offer a number of courses at Yoga Ananda. Below is the recommended order for attending them. The Beginners Yoga Course, Comprehensive Guide to Yoga and Meditation for Life are all run several times a year.

Beginners Yoga Course with Maria

This course is designed for anyone who wants to find out what yoga is all about. An introduction to postures, breating practices, meditation and philosphy.

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Comprehensive Guide to Yoga with Yogi Raaj

This course covers the 8 limbs of Yoga and goes far beyond what can be taught in our normal classes.

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Meditation for Life with Leon

For people who would like to learn to meditate and are ready to start practicing. Learning the techniques and philosopy of meditation.

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200 Hours Teachers Training at Yoga Ananda

This course will enrich your practice and deepen your understanding of Yoga enabling you to become a teacher, or simply enjoying the greater knowledge will bring you.

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Kriya Yoga

For those who would like to go deep in their meditation. We offer a 9 month Preparatory course that culminates in Kriya Initiation at the Ananda community in Assisi, Italy each November.

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