My love of yoga started whilst working in London. I was working hard and living the London life and I needed something to help me relax, release stress and unwind. I also trained a lot at the gym and needed something to relax tight muscles. That was 20 years ago, and I have been practicing ever since. I have practiced many different styles including ashtanga, Hatha, vinyasa, bikram and Jivamukti to name a few. They all offered something different, but for me the connection with the breath, mind and body is what truly made me continue to practice and fall in love with yoga. I had thought about doing my teacher training for quite a few years, and then when my teacher said to me at the end of class if I had thought about becoming a yoga teacher, my mind was made up! I decided to do my teacher training and later my prenatal and postnatal training. I qualified in Hatha and vinyasa and I teach both as well as pregnancy.

My style is very much vinyasa flow and even my Hatha classes I teach have a flow element to them. I like to continue my training and practice and have attended many workshops with some wonderful teachers including Jon Scott. For me, it's very important to give clear, precise instruction - I try to always offer something different in every class ensuring I concentrate on strength, flexibility, injury prevention and alignment. I like to think that my classes are open to everyone as I can offer a strong class with progressions for those that like a challenge and want to deepen their practice but I also give modifications for those who have injuries and wanting a softer practice. I believe that students should always listen to their own bodies. Mindfulness and the breath is the most important part of yoga, as without that there can be no yoga. Yoga is not about what the person next to you is doing, but about focusing on what is right for your own body, at that time and always being true to yourself.

Maritsa instructs the following:
  • Warm Power yoga
  • Medium-Strong Flow. An invigorating Hatha flow class using connection of the breath and body to focus the mind and stretch out any tightness or stagnant energy in the body! Yummy core work, hip openers and spinal work to be expected. Leave feeling rebalanced, focused and energized.