Mark has a strong life long sporting career . He spent 10 yrs racing mountain bikes as a sponsored cyclist predominantly racing in the USA. Mark had naturally found a path working within the fitness industry as a personal trainer following a very Holistic approach to fitness and well being . Within and on this path Mark instructed many classes and became a very popular trainer/teacher .

I discovered Yoga some 10 years ago while spending time in a UK based Buddhist temple wanting to still the mind with meditation . I found sitting in a half lotus pose some what painful due to my non flexible body . “ I sourced Yoga classes with the sole intent of becoming more flexible . Some 6 years later i began to realise Yoga was so much more than just Asana / poses . That in fact it was one part of a whole life philosophy & felt drawn from the inside out to learn more about this path of Yoga . I have a love and deep rooted passion to want to share with others all that i have discovered on this path so much so that i enrolled with the the lovely teacher trainer Debbie Avani and followed her teachings with the YA TTC 200hrs course in 2016 . My love continues to flourish with a realisation of all the benefits a regular practice can bring to the individual on a day to day basis . With my life long background in sports i truly believe that coupled with pro activity, nutrition , Meditation , Yoga completes the four elements to sustainable well being .

Mark instructs the following:
  • Lunchtime Flow.
  • A mix of relaxing sequences and pranayama to
    calm the busy mind after a hectic morning and strong postures to boost the
    energy to face the rest of the day.