Sally Collins

Sally teaches Classic Yoga and Vinyasa Flow, and is passionate about bringing the many benefits of Yoga to as many people as she can. As well as teaching yoga, Sally practices as a Holistic Wellness Consultant specialising in exercise therapy, therapeutic massage, Reiki and deep relaxation techniques. She combines her love of yoga and running with her experience as a trained exercise professional and believes that all-round fitness is achievable by all, even if students feel limited by injury, inexperience or age. Sally will gently guide you through your practice. She has a passion for health and wellbeing, providing a unique insight to the power of holistic teaching. She is a certified practitioner of many therapies and has spent several years further researching holistic methods to wellbeing. She advocates a balanced approach to managing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of wellness to combat stress and its many physical complaints. She is particularly dedicated to working with teenagers undergoing exam-related stress, or that brought about by peer pressure or inappropriate media conditioning. Sally also teaches chair based exercise, adapting exercise for the elderly or infirm and works with the Parkinson’s Society.

Sally Collins instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Yoga flow classes are open to all regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced practitioner - they offer a deep reaching series of dynamic and static postures, emphasising the unity between breath and movement. Each class offers a complete Yoga experience, designed to gently stretch and strengthen the body, open the heart and expand the mind.
    Through practice we learn to release tension or resistance in the body. This has an effect of calming the mind, expanding our awareness and connecting us to an unending source of inner peace. As a result we begin to feel a deep sense of physical freedom and can relax into the flow of life with greater ease. As our flow deepens we begin to live from an intuitive space, a space that is full of clarity and vitality. A space where anything is possible!
    “It is not enough to simply take a step, that step needs to take us into the right direction and in the right way” - Vinyasa as described by TKV Deskichar